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origin of outcaste


5 Sep 2003
some claim that tokugawa ieyasu said hes outcaste-ancestry origin.... so, perhaps samurais were once in the lowest in fujiwaras world, yet they were power-motivated clans and ieyasu somehow reached top... perhaps power shift from nobunaga to hideyoshi to ieyasu was correlated with power struggle among spain, holland and britain...., hideyoshi invaded korea under the influence of jesuit and spain...ieyasu was said to have carried and shown off the compass made of silver to granted audience... thats logotype of internationally known secret society, so, perhaps he was the first jpn, shogun as a member of that combination, ...sounds too much?? that compass might be seen at tokugawa gallery in nagoya city.... http://www.cjn.or.jp/tokugawa/index-j.html heres another site says there were kagemushas/doubles for ieyasu, 1st ieyasu was terminated by sanadas commando, then sanadas are said to be the strongest, in osaka fuyunojin, and his body was brought and laied into nansou temple in sakai, even theres a grave now, and then people live nearby that temple were classified and thrown out as outcaste. likewise says the 1868 battle of toba-fushimi was actually takeover of kyoto imperial palace by satsuma-choshu forces and thus inhabitants in the vicinty had the same treatment. theres claim that meiji emperor was brought from choushu area and previous emperor koumei was discontinued by choshu ninjas, the leader was ito, later the 1st prime minister, also was said to have been a deacon to thomas glover, merchant weaponry from scotland, thus sacchou was with britain and bakufu was with france, the similar pattern of colonization of india.... caste system does work??!!
中原和人・忍者刀は語る ninja sword
ps...its not about jpn but theres a book called 'the tartar khans englishmen' by gabriel ronay '78
marginal persons did something maybe....
Thank you for the links! Those are really cool esp. the Tokugawa one! It is a must see.

I'm a little confused Ohayougozaru - Are you saying that there was some kind of international conspiracy in Japanese history or that power struggles in Japan mirrored in many ways power struggles in Europe?

When you mention outcastes are you talking about Burakumin or simply people who are not in favor with the governing powers?
should be found at least in the catalogue of that museum.... saw it in the encyclopedia...
read those reached jpn, who might have had some jewish traits, transfered accounting practice and helped improve military engineering through math techniques for mensuration, stones assembly for the base castles, irrigation works, mining gallery.... after some jewish colonies in barcelona moved out to holland etc, spain was then away from acme status...so, it might have been more than mirrored... some claimed those privy were confident about one world even in 17,8 century....
that site talks about buraku people and even mentions town/area name....
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