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Opening of the Jpop forum


15 Mar 2002
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So guys, after a lot of hours of negociation and despite of my stubborness, Tom could convince me to write some words. Sorry for my pity english, but I'm that kind of poor frenchy who fall in love with Japan.

Anyway the Jpop forum is open now... so here you'll be able to give your opinions about, your experience, your expectations and ask some questions. I'll do my best to answer them, but the main purpose will be to answer to each other.
So about me... my favorite Jpop artists are female (who said "#####!!!" ):D...ok..Luna Sea, Glay, Mr Children, L'arc en Ciel are also wellcome here... but I specially like Kiroro, Misia, Hikki (Utada Hikaru), UA, Bonnie Pink, Le Couple (who said "it's boring" ?) :D, Puffy, Matsu Takako, My Little Lover (the best definitely), The brilliant Green, Spitz (a male, what? gomen) and many others... But don't speak too much about Speed, hamazuki Ayumiiiiiii (Miss one single = 12 remix album :D )... Ok now that I have some enemies at least the forum can begin with your reactions...

Waiting for some sport ... :D

Ja ne

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