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10 Jun 2002
Case: Friend stayed at my house for a few weeks. One day he forgot to turn off our electrive 'stove' heater, Ooya-san found out.

My friend forgot to tell me about this until a few days ago.

Ooya-san says because of this incident, she wants me to ditch the electric heater and get one of the wall mounted things. They cost about 40000 yen (400 bucks!).

Also, she wants us to give her the money, so she can go buy it and have it installed in the room.

This sounds lame. I'm not trying to be difficult, but I should be required to -upgrade- the Ooya-san's apartment? I don't need one of those wall mounted heater/air conditioners... and frankly, I'm not even sure if I will be living here come February... Might be somewhere else in Japan or something.

Anyone know what I can do about this?

Considering to refuse to buy the wall mounted thing, and just go without... she can't -make- me buy one right? I'll just bear the cold bear backed!

Or, refuse to buy a wall mount, and buy a -safe- stand alone heater with an auto shutoff or something like that....

What do you think?
Sorry Harvey, just found your post, gomen!

I'm not savvy in Japanese real estate law, but I'm quite sure she can't legally compell you to buy the heater.

Has there been any actual damage?
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