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Onsen, Complex Rules to use


8 Oct 2002



Weekend Getaways: Japan
Visit Japan's Gora Kadan for a luxurious ryokan-style retreat
April 14,2003

They have rules about how you're supposed to wear
the kimono provided upon check-in, how to behave in the
large communal baths and when you can leave the grounds.
Adhering to a complex set of local customs didn't sound like
my idea of a relaxing weekend.

Onsen, Tiger

Can you give me more than that. More of description about the "rules" or "non-rules" of Onsen !

And why was this a big feature in the article ?
Well to be honest, I'm not really sure what you mean. At the end of the article, the writer says "My concerns about coming here had long since evaporated" - meaning that perhaps he thought that it would be harder to fit in than it actually was.

Also, his comment about the kimono is slightly misleading. The garment that you actually wear when at an Onsen, is a yukata. While this is a type of kimono, it is not the same as the elaborate dress that you probably think of when you hear the word 'kimono'. It is just a thin, sleeved cotton bathrobe, very similar to the type of robe you would be used to wearing in the west.

Since I happen to have one hanging from my bedroom door, I've spread it out on my futon and taken a quick pic with my webcam to give you an idea of what it looks like. Sorry the picture quality isn't that great.

The author obviously doesn't know what he's talking about in terms of "complex" rules for wearing yukata and going to the bath. it was just his misunderstanding.

There are no complex rules for wearing yukata. If you can wear a bathrobe, you can wear a yukata. Even if you wear it incorrectly (right over left) no one's going to care.

There are a few basic rules for bathing but nothing that isn't more or less common sense. e.g. treat all Japanese baths like you would treat a jacuzzi in the U.S. (ie no washing in the tub itself). There's a few additional like don't wear underwear or bathing suits in the bath or put your wash cloth/towel in the water. And wash up and rinse off the soap before you get in. If you can master these instructions then you are all set to go.
They won't let me into hot-springs (I won't say onsen unless i'm speaking japanese, that's pretty unamerican to say stuff like kuruma instead of car in an english conversation:example)
for the following reasons.

1. I have tattoos
2. They told me I was 10 inches too big, but it was strange because it didn't even really have a roof!


girlsgirlsgirls, hey i'll go listen to that song now...
Originally posted by eimik
Apparently, monkeys goto onsens too.
im dead serious.

Monkeys are always playin' with their balls and stuff over there, for real, if I was a snow monkey or whateva and I saw a hot pool filled with old wrinkly women with old wrinkly boobs I'd jump in and start knockin' boots with May's Grandma until the cat bus comes to run my *ss over,, damn drive bys.

Originally posted by eimik
you always seem to write back in a jiffy

I can type 84 AWPM.

Whats the deal with hot-springs? It's stupid I think, people say it's relaxing but for real you all must have broken showers, kno what i'm saying? Why do it for cultural-reasons aswell, it's just spring water with peoples *ss-crumbs floatin' around in it, stupid stupid stupid,, but then again if someone put urine in a bucket and said it's Japanese tradition to submerge your bare-feet into it -- i'd bet five bucks half of you would without hesitation.

Originally posted by ghettocities
I can type 84 AWPM.

cool.....do you also multitask between this forums, your own webpage, and takin' care of da family biz and all them udon shops to boot? Hope you don't stick them condoms in the udon!! :D
Originally posted by den4
cool.....do you also multitask between this forums, your own webpage, and takin' care of da family biz and all them udon shops to boot? Hope you don't stick them condoms in the udon!! :D

Did you ever hear of Udon or beef flavored condoms? I heard they were at condomania in Harajuku but when I went there I couldn't find any, too bad but either way I still had my noodle slurped.


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