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14 Mar 2002
Now you can browse the Japan Forum even while being on plane, hehe (provided it's a JAL flight). Reported by Yahoo! News, July 22, 2002:

Japan Airlines to Test High-Speed Web

Seattle (AP) - Japan Airlines will add Boeing's new high-speed Internet connection on 10 of its planes, the companies announced Monday.

The service, Connexion by Boeing, relies on satellites and ground-based links to provide in-air Internet connections and broadcast feeds from television networks.

The airline will probably install the service on planes that fly between Japan and Europe, with expansion to other planes possible. Details, including when the service will be available, have not been completed.

JAL is the third airline to add the service. British Airways and German airline Lufthansa plan to roll out the service in test programs early next year.
Now that sounds cool. The world just gets more and more high tech. Haha if someone ever went to Japan you could tell us about your flight in real time. :)
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