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Onimusha: Blade Warriors...


and total Randomness!!!
12 Mar 2004
This is a good game.
The only thing weird/freakin' sweet is that you can play as Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro. Even though the game takes place like 20 years before they were born.
Being An Old Guy, I Don't Know ??????

When they come out with a game do they make the popular ones to play on everything?? Like, does the same game come out for X-Box, PS2, Apple PC's and Microsoft PC's, etc. ??


Well it depends on the companies that make them.

Like Resident Evil games were on the PS then to PS2 then now its on Nintendo Gamecube and PS2. (but its going to stay with Gamecube because Capcom signed a thing with Nintendo to keep Resident Evil on Gamecube, and the reason why Resident Evil came out on PS2 is because they were making it before the signing... and stuff with a Q)
It's a good game but the fighting gets a little crowded sometimes,
btw I'm not trying to be an *** but I started a topic about this game and its still on the first page Onimusha: Blade Warriors just to let you know since I already got told by an administrator not to bump off other topics.
Sorry about that...

I just got Rockman yesterday. (Megaman/Rockman is made from Capcom... same company that made Onimusha. Just ta let you know.)
everyone knows Rockman's from Capcom, when I said "The only thing I find weird is why the hell is Rockman there? He seems so out of place." I mean why is a robot with samurais, I know he hacked in but that doesn't make sense.
Whoops sorry about that... you are right then about him being out of place.

(I just unlocked Jujudorma-Ran... :D :D )
lol I got bored of the game already, I stopped playing after losing at that phantom realm with rockman.

Is it just me or rockman's voice is really annoying, why couldn't he of had this kool voice instead of sounding like a 8 year old school girl.
Well I just got this game like a week ago.

What realm did you lose on?

Ya megaman's voice is very annoying, (so is Lan's... I think. Even though I don't know what Megaman EXE is about).

But you all have to agree that Onimusha: Blade Warriors is pretty much copied from Super Smash Bros... but they did a good job of it.
lol I got this game about 2 weeks ago. I don't recall which realm but there was 2 boss and they owned me
In Realm 2, on level 20 (last one) you have to fight Marcellus, Power Marcellus, and Speed Marcellus at once. They have Max health and PMS. Now that sucks.
Hm this game looks awesome, I never played it before... Shows how much I still keep up with gaming.. :( Is this out for XBOX? I can't view the trailor becuase this PC is horrible.
Is this a fightig 1 vs. 1 level game? Or like a fighting RPG?
Its only out for PS2 and think of the game this way... "Super Smash Bros. where instead of knocking each other out of the "Ring", you kill'em."
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