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One word, Seth / セス


15 Oct 2013
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Hey, I'm here to bring up the topic of tattoo's and kanji. Yup, I know exactly what people are thinking, already read the post on Tattoo's and am really not too bothered nor concerned with negative comments, I have a lot of tattoo's already, and don't need to be passed judgement on. What I want to get tattoo'd is a dear friend of mines band, called Seth. Before I call them out on being wrong, because they could very well be right, they go under the name of 'Seth/セス" .. so, what I'm wondering is, does セス translate to 'Seth'? Go on with the whole concept of 'people getting tattoo's in languages they don't understand' or whatever, but it really won't bother me, tons of people get flash tattoo's of americana they don't understand, their loss, not mine. I'm not necessarily getting this because it's Kanji, I'm more getting it because it's in his bands logo. Understand? If anyone would be willing to help me out on that, I would be very appreciative, I have friends who get things like 'luck' or 'understanding' in Japanese and have ended up with some hilarious words, so I'd rather not go down that road, (though one of them ended up with something a long the lines of hated demon, or something, which was kinda cool, haha.)

Much thanks, and happy thanksgiving everyone. 🙂:


8 Jan 2004
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Yes, セス is the transliteration of "Seth" in katakana.
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