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One Piece


25 Jun 2002
My Japanese friend just told me he was reading a comic called One Piece. He said it was very famous in Japan and broke several records. He also mentioned that he had heard it was translated into several languages. Has anyone ever heard of One Piece? I'd like to read it but I can only find it in Japanese. Maybe I'll read it when I become a bit more advanced. Does anyone know if the Japanese version has furigana?

I think it's still on TV. But a new season is coming up so I'm not sure right now.

I heard that Pokemon is going to be on for another year :)
This summer I was at Tama's Sanrio Puroland (Tokyo's theme park for kids), and they were showing "One Piece", 3-D animation.
Just thought I write this, maybe you are interested about it, too.
I read One Piece in the American Shonen Jump magazine! 👏 I love One Piece because it's so funny & cool! :D And... Zoro is so KAWAII! 😍 I can't wait to read more of the manga or maybe I'll hopefully see the anime sometime. :)
i bought the dvd set it pretty good its suppose to be all regional (meaning it can be played anywhere in the world) but it only playson my computer and PS2 not my dvd player go figure. its not in english only english subs.
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