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One lonely soccer fan...


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14 Mar 2002
Found the story at sankei.co.jp: the City of Osaka offered free accommodation to British and Nigerian soccer fans who were supposed to flock to the town in order to support their national teams, totally 300 beds. Below you see a pic of the only fan who actually showed up at the facility, a British guy by the name of Michael Monday. He must have felt very lonesome...

ughh .... I wonder how much Japan spent for the World Cup?

Much talk has been about how this investment was supposed to help the economy but ... it looks like the construction companies and police made out like bandits.

Mr. Monday must of at least enjoyed the bit of notriety!
That poor fella, no company to watch the match :sorry:

as for the economy, maybe the figures will not be released until after this enormous event, it must have boosted the economy somewhere, the total amount of people as visitors alone plus the increase of sales of items such as foods, beverages hehe and merchandise from the country should have made an impact somewhere, host countries to such enormous events have planned and prayed for acceptance of such events simply because of the impact to the economy, Japan should be no different, maybe they don't want to advertise the boom yet for fear of it slowing down, or the facts and figures that they hoped for were too high, (just a thought on the economy issue).

As for the money Japan and Korea has spent on the world cup preparations, It must be a figure that I cant only dream about, 🙂
1 good point though is that I can watch the games almost everyday and the Tokyo Giants no longer monopoligize TV news!

I'm a Hashin Tigers fan and can't stand seeing on Giants news up here in Sapporo. We might get the Nippon Ham Fighters though.

lolo ... off topic a bit :)
I just read they offered 300 beds to fans of each nation, so we have a total of 600, err, empty 599 beds (let's not forget Michael Monday!).

Btw, that's a porcelain kitty.
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