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on my way to japan


10 Feb 2004
i am an american living in michigan. in about 2 months i am heading to japan with my girlfriend to teach in english in Atami City. Any information i can get about the area/customs/help in general would be greatly appreciated. two things i am particularly interested in are basketball and country music. are these things popular? are people interested? thanks for any input that can be offered.
Mmmm, milk...yoroishiku. (btw, that was my personal combination of two words). 🙂

Off the deep end, but my two favorite varieties are almond and soy... :gulp:
Hi, milk😜 and welcome to the forum!!🙂
Hay I wish I was you travelling to Japan!!😭 Someday I will!! And I"m calling up all my friends from there for an enormous party!! Lolol:ramen: but until then, I dream!! Welcome again!!

take the time to go over some of the old posts! There are tons of old posts with all kinds of grest info. Over the past few years almost anything for a question has been asked & answered! Anything special you need would probably be found using search. Good luck and congrats
on your luck of landing the job!!

the maximum point of power in yr life is now

thank ya kindly for the welcomes. it's approximately one month until my departure and i just picked a beginning japanese book yesterday. better late than never.
Atami is not a bad little town. Its got a beach, great fireworks displays in the Summer, and is less than an hour from Tokyo by bullet train. I live across a mountain range, but only about 20 km away from there.

No need to worry about your Japanese language skills, you'll get by without too much trouble, and people are quite friendly to struggling, fresh-off-the-boat foreign English teachers. You and your girlfriend will have a great time exploring the somewhat quirky culture of a Japanese resort town. Atami even has a "sex museum" with a giant coin-operated phallus ride... or it used to.

You should be able to join a local basketball team, but be prepared for some biased officiating if you are tall and reasonably good.
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