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15 Nov 2002
The Onion | America's Finest News Source.

Well, I guess Kirei_na_me is going to have to find another home if she can't be here anymore with the outages.....

Above: The Internet outage forced a Minneapolis couple to tackle a task they'd put off for months.

Now what are we going to do? It'll be just like them old Future Shop commercials I saw in the past, where the picture shows a somber family looking at the TV cameraman says in sad tones, "Last Thanksgiving our Television broke down during dinner time and so we were forced to sit down at the table and...talk to each other....."

You just love yankin' my chain, don't you... :p I'm always checking out The Onion. I guess I missed that one...

No, I just spent an hour correcting my husband's Engrish, thank you very much. No computer in sight. I am now ready to crash. Correcting Engrish is exhausting... :sleep:
it's engrish like this one that usually gives me a headache:

stuff like that makes me feel like this:

hope your engrish corrections never take this route:

and it's good to take some sleep time to avoid exploding energy:
That first one makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever. What am I saying?! None of them ever do! :p That "damn" one could come in handy, though.

Last night, I had to fix a sentence that said--regarding fire hazards around my husbands company--"Does material warehouse appropriate?" Along with many other sentences just like that. It's a pain to proofread all of that and figure out what they are actually trying to say, but I'm glad he brought it home. They were going to post that checklist in a plant where a lot of the people working there can barely read English, much less Engrish. :eek:

I have to do that kind of thing a lot. I think I should be on the payroll!
hey, you could submit what you find here....and ask Thomas to make a sticky thread for all the engrish that we find that is not on the engrish.com site... :D

hint hint, Thomas.... :D
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