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old pillows' CDs


4 Feb 2004
Does anyone know where i could find old Pillows' CDs? Specifically, i'm looking for runner's high...I've been checking ebay, and YesAsia, but i can't find it.
You're going to have to find Runner's High used or something. It's out of print, since it's been out quite a while(5 or so years).

...Oh... hmmm... looks like Amazon.co.jp has it. Amazon | RUNNERS HIGH | the pillows, 山中さわお, the pillows, 鹿島達也, the pillows | J-POP | 音楽

It's 2900 yen, and if you live in the U.S. expect to pay about $30 for shipping, which I did when I ordered a book and a CD from them. You should probably get a big order together before you do it, you'll make more of your shipping money. =)

They also have 1 used from some place in Japan, click on the 'new and used' section. It's very easy to order from them, so don't be discouraged if you don't know any Japanese.

awesome! thanks. I speak a fair amount of japanese, so it's not a big deal. they also have a "view this page in english" button.
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