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OK it's a forum game called FOOD FIGHT!!!


16 Apr 2002

Food fight is a game where anyone can post in a continues part of the food fight . I might start it , then another person writes i a part then onother person or one of the first two write again .

For Exampl: Koji runs into the the castle with Thomas and someone else following him! Koji Is being Pelted with egg-rols , but he pickes up the bowl of Green Tea and Dumps it on their heads . When wait, another member runs in with SUE-SHE and puts it up their noses!!!

Remeber the stories have to have a conection , If Koji is In Tokyo in the first mail he can't start in Sapparo, Hokkaido in the next .
Hi koji
I think this a realy good and funny idea,and its also a way of most if not all the members interacting with each other, I for one would enjoy throwing maybe a bowl of irish stew at you, haha (kidding of course). Its a great idea go ahead and start your story, you'd be surprised at who's a secret food launcher, haha
Konichiwa . Runing in the pagoda in Osaka Koji is being chased by Thomas . Thomas is pelting him with egg rols . Koji grabs the green tea on dumps it on him . When deborah gormley shuves su-shi in thier faces . But another member comes in who is it???
Might it be someone who launches green peas off the end of a plastic "spork"? -sheepish grin.
yes its Shearbert, and he aims the peas directly at Koji, but Koji ducks down and it hits Thomas right in the ear, debs laughts and lifts a bowl of bread dough and tips it out over Shearberts head, then like a flash of light another member arrives,who is it?
Intermission: meanwhile Thomas pulls that green pea out of his right ear and pops it towards Nahoko who - completely surprised by that vegetable attack - panicks and throws her delicious natto bowl right onto Moyashi who just happened to pass Shearbert. How will Moyashi react?
Moyashi and Twisted were having a heated debate over the latest and cutest J-pop singers who have had plastic eye surgery.

Twisted starts giggling in laughter, since he knows that I just abhors natto.

Moyashi throws his ice cream cone up in the air in disgust.

It arches high into the air ....
... and lands at the feet of TAI (aka "Tom As Infinity") and spoils his new snakeskin shoes. He snarls because those babies costed him some serious yen and then digs deep into his pocket. Yes, looks like he's pulled out a melon; the same one he payed like 150,000 Yen for at a recent Supermarket auction. This was no ordinary melon; this was the first melon on sale for the year and was ripe with plenty of juice!

Before the melon could reach moyashi's flame retardent white polyester suit, Tom had already settled the argument about whose penthouse appartment the cutest J-pop singers were rehearsing around the previous night. The sight of a wet melon-drenched moyashi sets Thomas's giggling fit into motion and he ends up dropping the remaining egg rolls on himself. Tom offers Nahoko some of his home-made green tea ice cream to get over her spilt natto, and suddenly Kyoko Fukada and Rina Uchiyama pass by, which was quite fortunate because...
It was quit fortunate because they ahd a plate of Noodles from Haikkido and and disided to chuck them everywhere...
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