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11 Jun 2003
I've been on the forums for about a month now...I never left a intro for me; so here I go!...

I am a 21 year old male in the United States Marine Corps stationed in Okinawa. I fix ground communication systems. Besides from that, I love to go out and have fun in the dance clubs. I POI, Liquid, and Snap 'n' Pop dance. I've been on island for 7 months so far and love it very much!

Other things I love to do, is Fly airplanes, computers, and of course study my German and Japanese

I can't wait to take a vacation to mainland Japan.


Cheers S!
Konnichiwa Punk 窶堙固坦窶堙姑陳哉鍛ニ谷ツー窶堋ウ窶堙ア
Welcome and Hajimemashite. Yoroshiku ne.🙂

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