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Oi Hello everyone!


27 Dec 2003
Hey you guys! My name is Jackie and I love everything about Japan and It is my dream to learn japanese and move there... Oh look now I am acting corny:sorry: Anyway, I am really into Jrock and anime.. my favorate bands are Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, X-Japan, Plastic Tree, Mucc, Inugami Circus-dan and Cascade (it goes on and on)

Talk to yah later and nice to meet whom ever replys to this
Hi! lol Nothing much over here.. just.. listen to some music yeahhh dir en grey >.> <.<
Welcome KyoKyo,
All i have to say is Live your Dream

If you ever need anything just pm me or somthing,Maybe send a bird with a note on his leg.
hi Jackie!!

im new to this site too! me the same as you and probly everyone on this site... i love japanese culture! :) what anime are you into and have you tried your hand at learning japanese yet??

well i hope you drop me a line when ever! :p
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