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Ohayou Gozaimasu


21 Dec 2011
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Ohayou Gozaimasu
Watashiwa Balkazzaar desu...Yoroshku Onegaai Shimaasu...

Hi guys and gals,
I am Balkazzaar...Not so good with introductions...anyways here goes nothing...Just stumbled onto this website when i was looking up info on Japan Immigration laws just for my knowledge...
I was an international student studying in USA.Now graduated and working here. I am an asian myself..Indian to be specific... Am an Otaku and always have been a die hard fan of anime and manga versions of Naruto and One Piece. My first anime was DBZ and then after that there was no looking back. FMA, FMA Brotherhood and many others. Simply adore the Japanese language especially when Japanese women speak it, its like having a romantic conversation....would simply love to have traditional Japanese girl as my girlfriend....😍 Would love to visit japan one day...

Hobbies include Manga reading, watching anime and movies, listening to music (heck i have listened to some OST of naruto sung by Japanese musicians and it was awesome...cud not get many of the words though...good music though...😊 )

Hopefully would love to know more about you all and looking forward to it...
P.S: Please forgive me if i have written or said anything inappropriate above...
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