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Off-topic--US power outage


15 Dec 2002
The power is starting to come back in Ohio, so the lights should come on sometime East of us. Just wanted to let people know.
I'm very close to Detroit which was hit, but fortunately for whatever reasons (grid lines?), the city of Grand Rapids did not blackout.
Just saw a report on tv.... on the one hand, its kind of funny. usa blames Canada, Canada blames usa... too, the main problem, according to the report, is that the private electricity concerns don't want to "waste" money to improve the system because they wouldn't make more money with it if it would be improved. So they hope it will work. And if it doesn't, bad luck. But they got their money.
I was one of the 50 million affected. Took me over two hours to get home. But I was relatively lucky. My house lost power at 16:15 and we got it back the next morning at 9:00 -- one of a 100,000 people to get power back out of 2.1 million in our region without. Last I heard my mom is still without power but in the late news tonight they said 70% in our area were back online.
whats odd about it when i was watching cnn to try to find something out and also listening to the radio both places said "at first people thought it was a terrorist attack" and kinda elaborated on that abit, also told about traffic situations and other miscenalious info but neither said what the cause or even a probable cause was. this was last night and this morning. kinda pisses me off to know that they are more concered with hearsay and what people thought than with the facts.
Sorry to hear you were affected Mdchachi, that really sux. Hope everything turned out well for you and your family. Yeah, you're right Jeisan about the initial inferences the media was drawing when the the blackouts first started. We had every television in our office tuned to a different channel but they were all espousing the same kind of innuendo at the time, heh.
I live in Toronto and we lost power around 4:10pm... There was a huge neighbourhood gathering and everyone was suspecting there was a terrorist sabotage....

Good thing that I was at home during that time and wasn't driving on the road. Power was flowing again around 5:00am the next day; and everything is back to normal now.

Wow, I never knew i would miss electricity that much... lol
Wow, yah I flipped on the TV and I was like "o_O" Lol, ppl were
like crowding the streets, it looked so crazy. Me and my friends
were talking about the hospitals and how they had no power.
But then again most hospitals have power generators, however
i heard that 2 hospitals didn't have one... >_> <_<
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