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Off Topic: Faluja =Hiroshima="It's All About The Oil Stupid!"


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19 Jan 2005
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I am starting a new thread here as it is probably off topic from what the OP was asking. It is in reply to the debate between Mike Cash and bakakanadajin and Hazem. I am NOT calling anyone stupid. I am just using the Clinton mantra referring to the economy during his campaign to lie to the American people.
bakakanadajin said:
But if we were to look at the pieces ahead of time and make an educated guess, I'd say that the US is clearly attempting to establish some kind of semi-permanence in Iraq so as to quell fears among antsy investors and give the 'government' time to sort out some deals.
You nearly hit the nail on the head there bkj, but read on for what I have researched.
Mike Cash said:
You're so right. It was much better when it was the Secretary-General of the United Nations and his friends and relatives scamming the oil for food program with the country under the thumb of a dictator-for-life.
True, if you believe what you read and not the real truth behind the "truth".
Mike Cash said:
In WWII we weren't faced with an enemy who strapped explosives to their own small children and used them as weapons.
Hezam said:
in WWII the war was justice unlike Iraq war..Iraq war is not right,Iraq war is for Oil...
Mike Cash said:
It is popular to say that America is stealing Iraq's oil. Where is the evidence of that?
Personally, I think the invasion of Iraq was entirely 100% justified yet utterly senseless.
Yes, America, or I should say international conglomerates and the major oil companies, as well as those who truly pull the puppet strings of all major governments ARE stealing Iraq’s oil. The evidence is out there if one would look beyond what the government and their owned media tells us. All governments lie as they have always done and they do it through their own media. If anyone believes we have an objective media today they are sadly naïve.

Justified in what sense? WMD? That has been proven to be a lie. To dispose of a brutal dictator? That has also been proven to be false as it is well known that Saddam started selling his oil for Euros instead of the almighty US$ and the US was unhappy and would not stand for it. “Disposal of a brutal dictator” was just another bunch of BS cooked up by the powers that be and their controlled media.

Does anyone remember, when asked at a press conference how we were going to pay for this "war on terror" and the invasion of Iraq, what President Bush’s’ response was? He said we would pay for it with Iraq’s oil. Does anyone have any evidence of that to date? There is absolutely none and the US taxpayer, along with the Iraqi’s, is paying for it while the oil companies and their crony companies are reaping the benefits by selling most of the oil to China and the US government produces phony statistics as to where the oil is going as Mike’s link shows. In the link it specifically states, “The majority of oil exports go to refineries in Asia, including India and China.” Yet the chart shows that the majority goes to the western hemisphere! Hmmm, someone made a mistake here. If the real truth be told, the western hemisphere is getting very little of this oil!

If Iraq, aka the US, exported this oil to “mostly Asian countries” as the link says, where is this money? It sure as hell is not in the US treasury paying for this war. It is probably being used to build more pipelines and to replace those blown up by the “terrorists” who are against this or being sold to China at below cost in order that they will continue to fund the massive US debt of 12 trillion dollars and the average US citizen gets to pay for it through higher taxes in this planned recession.

But to cut to the chase, I truly believe, based on my own research, the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is all about oil and pipelines and nothing more and to wrap a noose around Iran. Anything else, like a “war on terrorism” is just a ruse to convince the gullible and ignorant public that there really is a “war” going on and that it is not about the oil.

Please see this link Protecting U.S. Oil Interests in Iraq, Craig B. Hulet, May 22, 2003 where the author lays out what I am trying to say. The author claims that it is the Bush/Cheney administration that is doing this but, based on my research, it is actually the major oil companies that were directing Bush through Cheney and who are also controlling Obama today. I guarantee there will be more troops in Afghanistan after Obama receives his Nobel Peace Prize, if not before. He has no choice in the matter and it is NOT his call. He WILL do as he is told in order to protect the building of the pipelines and to prevent Iran from building theirs and exporting their oil.

To quote from the link above:

“They blow-up a pipeline you and I pay to repair it. They blow up an oil facility, not only do you and I pay up front, but the Iraqi people find their debt burden increasing, as in the end it will be the Iraqi people who must pay for all of this. The corporations make their money in compensation and profit, all their costs covered, they never lose as they control the machinery of governance as surely as they profit by it. Peter S Watson is the current director of OPIC, and has the usual suspect[FONT=&quot]あ[/FONT]s credentials for this particular governing administration.”

Also, in another link entitled , “US Political Objectives in the Middle East Will Fail”, the same author states,
Therefore, the sole reason we are in Iraq and Afghanistan is to stop Iran from installing their own pipelines and curtailing their exports which would give them more cash and thus, more power over the actual “rulers” (aka globalists) who want it all for themselves. Read the links in their entirety and then do further research and you too will come to the same conclusions I have.


Therefore, we have the situation we are in today. It is NOT about terrorism, it is all about control of the worlds energy supply, yet the gullible sheeple are led to believe that it is all about terrorism and that the US is in the Middle East to fight terrorism when the true objective, unknown to the soldier and the American people, is all about profits for the major oil companies and those that wish to control the world through a so-called “New World Order”, which is not “new”, but has been in the planning stages for more than 100 years. Thanks to massive gains in technology, they are surely achieving their goal while most believe the crap and lies they read and hear from their media which they also control through stock ownership.

Until the populace as a whole wakes up there will be no change and, if “they” begin to fail to achieve their goals, there will be another “terrorist attack” in the US, Europe, or wherever and the blame will be placed on some “bogyman” with all the “proof” needed for the gullible just as there was “proof” for 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq for WMD.

Sadly, the populace of the US is deceived with Democrats and Republicans and “change” when the fact is there is no difference and the same can be said of the governments of any industrial country including Japan. However, Hatoyama thinks he can change this. I think not, but who knows.

They are two sides of the same coin and Obama in the US is just another pawn with the charisma to “convince” Americans that he is all for change when the real truth is nothing will change. It will be business as usual as it is the international corporations who control the world today and not the politicians as many falsely believe. If McCain got elected we would still have the same situation we have today. Only Obama had more charisma to lie and convince the sheeple that it was he who was speaking the truth and the sheeple followed on cue and elected him into office just as they did with Clinton, Bush Jr, Carter, and Reagan. He who has the most charisma and lies best wins and they do as they are told to do or else..

If these international conglomerates need to use depleted uranium to achieve their objective they will use it as they will use whatever means necessary and the civilian people and soldiers are just cannon fodder and pawns in their quest for global domination while the people are being told another story. Read the links, do the research and do not ever rely on what the media or your government is telling you. It’s all about the profits and nothing more.

Tsuyoiko said:
I intend this as an honest question from someone who knows very little about politics and current affairs: if Iraq is really just about getting rid of an evil dictator, how come no-one's invaded Burma, North Korea, Libya, Zimbabwe etc?

For now they are not needed Tsuyoiko, but they play an important role in that we need a bogyman somewhere at all times. They will be called into play when the need arises as North Korea is being used in order to deflect public interest away from the Middle East and to scare the hell out of the Japanese sheeple.

The main objective of these elitists to a country having nuclear power is that if they have nuclear power they will not not need the oil that these people are trying to sell them and they will be independent of the elitists and those that control the energy supply. Yet the media convinces the sheeple that if a country like Iran or North Korea or whoever, has nuclear power they will develop a bomb and use it against "us" when if the truth be told it would only ensure their own destruction if they used it which they probably have no intention of using it save to save their own lives.

Those that have nuclear power ensure their own freedom and pose a threat to the elitists and the New World Order. Therefore, those that are in control will never allow it and will spew propaganda and lies to the contrary and scare the hell out of their people telling them that they will use it on them.

"The masses indulge in petty falsehoods everyday, but it would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths and they are not able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery... The bigger the lie, therefore, the more likely it is to be believed...Besides, even the most insolent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down." Adolph Hitler, Mein Kamph, pp 180-1, p 231 of the Manheim translation
Therefore, lies will be fabricated through the media and the sheeple will believe it as they cannot conceive of their own government lying to them or allowing a "terrorist attack" to take place for their own gains. "If it's on the news and in the NY Times it must be true!" they say and believe.

My favorite quote on this is
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence, clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins - all of them imaginary." - Henry Louis Mencken
It’s all about control and leading the people to believe something that is not true. Just like in the famous book and movie, “The Wizard of OZ”, we are told, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” While the left hand is making us look there and averting our attention, the right hand is quietly moving to control our lives and world governments through technology while we fail to see it or refuse to believe it. It’s perfect and it's working! Just look at the proposed bogus health care system in the US and the banking system and the stock market lies.

If the truth be told, if it was all about saving the planet from "global warming", or I should say "climate change" as that is their new buzz word as it is proving to be false and a lie, and doing away with fossil fuels, China, as the newest emerging economy and world power, would be using nothing but clean energy for their new factories and cars, etc (as the technology is there), but what are they using? Fossil fuels, polluting the atmosphere and such and the elitists and international corporations are aiding them in this by supplying an unendless supplies of oil and lining their own pockets to the detriment of the American people who are paying for it with lost jobs and factories moving to China on a daily basis and a BS Cap and Trade agreement that the American people will use to finance China in their expansion. "They" have succeeded in bringing China into their fold with profits. As the old saying goes, "everyone has their price. You just have to find out what it is", and they found out what China's price was.

As Henry Kissinger, one of the leaders of the government behind the governments and the New World Order said,
“Who controls the food supply controls the people;
Who controls energy can control whole continents;
Who controls money controls the world.”
Also, Kissinger is well known to respect communist China and their ability to control a billion people and his desire to emulate it. When asked how the few can control the many I believe it was he who said, “It is because the many control each other.”

Nothing more need to be said. Believe it! It is happening before your very eyes.
And please, before you direct me to a link telling me this author is a nut and a liar and a conspiracy nut, please look at the source of the links, do a little more research and then come back telling me I am off base. Some people refuse to look at the facts and refuse to believe that most of what I have researched is fact, yet they will point me to elitist owned web sites and news organizations claiming that that is the truth and I am a nut and what I have quoted is conspiracy fodder.

Still, to date, in these last 4 years or so, everything I have said is coming to pass and as long as the sheeple remain sheep and asleep it will all come to pass.

The New World Order has no use of America anymore (as it was with Spain and Germany and the UK of the past) as China is where it's at today and the profits are enormous. If anyone thinks the US will come out of this depression and gain back their world dominance and lifestyle, they are sadly naive and ignorant of the facts. It is the US people through Cap and Trade and their taxes and debt that will finance China through the next 20 - 50 years. And while China enjoys the benefits of an expanding economy, it will be the American people, and maybe Europeans who will finance it. Sad, but true.

Be afraid, be very afraid.
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