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odd question i'm feeling random


12 Jul 2003
just an odd question, but what makes a person exhausted?? Personally it doesn't take much for me, but that may just be because I get stressed easily.
when i jam out on my guitar for a couple of hours headbangin and the such by the time im down i can barley stand im so exhausted, or if i have been studying all day then i get mentallu exhausted and cant even answer the simplest of things
running, i hate it. i can do all sorts of other things for a while but running nope. when i play football its alright but id say anything over 100meters and im spent.
When I'm playing with the (youth) wind ensemble at my school, we put so much emotion in the music that it get's all of us tired. Physically and emotionally. Some of us actually cry with sad pieces.:sleep:
Talking to a person who is highly toxic (spiritually) can exhaust me. You know, someone who keeps talking bad about people around him/her and then goes straight into self pity and self denial.
i collapse in pain if i have to run to catch the bus and if i do catch it, i spend the whole journey weeping gently in a fetal position in the aisle
:confused: maybe theres somethin wrong with my legs
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