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Odd Japanese by Ghettocities

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16 Jun 2002
Odd Japanese by Ghettocities
geocities.com/ghettocities/, because your not fluent until you know it all.


(I saw this movie and wanted to tell my Japanese friends, it was exciting to see Sean Connery in his prime kickin' it west-side of hachiko.)

"Kimi wa nikai shika sundenai" haiyu no Sean Connery ga nihon no sentou ni itte iimashita.

In the movie, "you only live twice" actor, Sean Connery goes to a Japanese public bath.


(Since I was in Japan for skateboarding I said this while talking to other skateboarders, you can replace skateboarding with anything, illegal parking, prostitution, what have you.)

Kono nihon no keisatsu wa skateboarding o mokunin shite iru youna ki ga shimasu.

It's my impression that the Japanese police turn a blind-eye to skateboarding.


(You'll be asked on the streets always if you'd be interested in a sensual massage, but is it worth paying for conversation? or anything else for that matter, here is something funny to say when that occurs.)

Boku wa seiteki kankaku o shigeki suru youna massage wa iranaikedo, shigeki ni naru s_x wa shitai.

I do not want a sensual massage but I would love to have some good ol' fashion sensual s_x.


(It's good to know some important Japanese history, this fact is true, I always throw it in a conversation to let people know how smart I really am hehehe.)

Nihon no baishun-boushi houga seiritsu shita no wa, sen-kyuhyaku-gojuuroku-nen deshita.

Japan's anti-prostitution law was passed in 1956.


(and you thought beef-on-a-stick was hi-tek? what about flying cars? huh? weren't those supposed to be made in the 90's)

Sora o toberu kuruma ga areba iina, sosureba nihon iki no hikouki no chiketto o kawanakute sumunoni...

I wish I had a flying car so I wouldn't have to purchase plane tickets ever again.


(My personal favorite, "secreto spot" , the first time I heard it was in Japanese, now i play it out like a popular song on the radio.)

Mesu game no himitsu no spot wa doko ka shitteru?

Do you know where the female turtle's secret spot is?

(I bet you don't, nobody does, this is another piece of japanese that will make you sound smart. Don't they lay eggs?)


(My Neighbor Totoro exists in the real-world, well I've seen that cat-bus roar down my street at 3:00 am a couple times.)

Obaacyan ga byouin ni nyuuinn shiterukara neko-basu o tsukatte aini ikou.

Grandma is in the hospital, lets take the cat bus.

(Test your Japanese friend's intelligence, of course all japanese people have seen Totoro but is their memory good? Grandma isn't in the hospital, mom is.)


I hope you learned something about Japanese or Sean Connery. Good Luck and everyone should check out the Ghetto Cities Video online this friday ~ lates.

Josh / Ghettocities - geocities.com/ghettocities/

Knowledge is Power.



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I really think that the way you incorporated the nihongo to eigo was great!!!

ja mata
Originally posted by ghettocities
Sora o toberu kuruma ga areba iina, sosureba nihon iki no hikouki no chiketto o kawanakute sumunoni...

I wish I had a flying car so I wouldnt have to purchase plane tickets ever again.

Sosureba must be sousureba, no? :eek:
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Re: Re: Odd Japanese by Ghettocities

Originally posted by Elizabeth
Sosureba must be sousureba, no? :eek:

I said "sosureba",

P.S. Don't reply to this thread anymore, thanks.


Hehe, complying to Josh's wish, I've sent this thread into virtual limbo.
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