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Oda Kazumasa


15 Mar 2002
Konnichi ha minasan
Oda Kazumasa no fan ga imasuka?
kare ha hontou ni totemo kireina koe ga aru singa- da to omoimasu.
toshiue ni nattemo, koe ga utsukushii desuyone.
tokuni, kono aida owatta "ai no chikara" to iu dorama no theme song, "kira kira" ha anmari ni sugoi na janai deshouka?

sono uta wo kiku toki, tonde iru ki ga shimasu!

kare ni tsuite motto dareka ga oshiete kuremasenka?

website no link wo morattemo, ureshii desu



Hi Everyone.
Are there any fans of Oda Kazumasa? I think he is a singer with a lovely voice. Even after becoming middle aged, he still has a very young voice.
Especially, isnt his theme song "kira kira" for the drama "ai no chikara" too too good???

I feel I am floating whenever I hear that song.

Can I get more info on him?website links would also be useful.

Hi Kinjo,

Oda Kazumasa was a member of a band called "Off Course" in the early '70s together with Yasuhiro Suzuki. In 1988 they broke up after which Oda Kazumasa started his solo career.

If you want to know more about Oda Kazumasa, check out his official website: http://www.fareastcafe.co.jp/
I also found this fansite which has more links: http://mayumi.setagaya.tokyo.jp/oda/index.html

Good luck,

hmmmm you might wanna check out:

Inoue Yosui -- similar sound but much more impact
Anzenchitai -- Inoue's back up band that went gold

Oda Kazumasa is also famous for the theme song for the drama "Tokyo Love Story" If you haven't seen it ... you missing out on history.
BTW, I caught a glimpse of an ad on TV which said something about the CD, best of oda kazumasa. some new album?
any idea what?
hmmm ... it looks like he has a new song out. I didn't catch the name though ... sorry.

many groups release singles ... and after a while compile them into full CD's
Oda Kazumasa daisuki!!

I didn't watch "ai no chikara" but I heard "kirakira"(while my family was watching it) and I fell in love with his voice too!!
I went to see the site of far east cafe too.

I have a friend who's a japanes actor,maybe you'll know him,Watabe Atsuro,Oda made a film with him as a principal role, and the film is called "Midori no machi"(talks about a musician).

Musician(with wonderful voice!!)and eiga kantoku, he's really talentde,huh?👏 👏
yeah, hes just brilliant! just bought his "jiko besuto"...
'sayonara' speaks volumes of his vocal prowess...
watabe atsuro? well, the only actor I know of is Tora san!!

If JPop had something like a rock n roll hall of fame, am sure Oda has his place in it!!
I am kinda desperately searching for K-Oda's photos/pictures for my computer's wallpaper! :)

searched the net with no results.

Could someone gimme links for pics of his?

Wow, I finally found other people besides myself that like Kazumasa Oda, this is great. My favorite song by him is 'Tsutaetai koto ga arunda.'

Sorry I have been looking for site with pictures myself with no luck.
Just a doubt on Oda's songs.
What does the title of the song "Lovestory wa totsuzen ni" (Love story suddenly....????) mean?
Whats the significance of the title?
And similarly, why "aki no kehai"(indication of autumn) and "kaze no sakamichi"?
Normally, I find the title somewhere in the song but not in these cases.

Could someone clarify please?
hi .. i love Oda Kazumaas too ;)

i'm not very clear about those songs meanings neither..

all i know love story wa totsuzenni is an OST of Japanese Dorama called Tokyo Love Story'.. from the early 90's ^-^ i love this dorama :) i think it's the first j-dorama i ever watched,,
Hi teru2xbouzu
nice to see your reply,but was kinda amazed that this thread, when I didnt even remember about it, came alive with a reply after more than a year, i guess!!

i am still a great fan of kazumasa frantically searching for any of his PVs. can anyone suggest from where i can get them(of course apart from buying the DVDs)...am trying kazaa but oda always turns up 0 hits!!

whew, such a long time since i came to this forum, thanks teru2xbouzu for waking me up
ah.. doitashimashite kinjo-kun :)

erm.. about Kazumasa's PV, i think it's a very rare thing to get...
i don't think kazaa'd have it..

have u tried WinMx yet? coz there has more jp-pv/perf/clips

goodluck on searching..
Kazumasa Oda

Hi Kinjo,
I too am a fan of Kazumasa Oda. Three weeks ago I didn't know that he existed but I downloaded a couple of videos that were of him performing live with his band "Off-Course" in 1982. I am thrilled to listen to his music. I am presently trying to decide which of his music to purchase at yesasia.com. Here is one of the videos that I have. I hope you like it. 🙂
I've always enjoyed his music, both as a solo artist and as a member of the great combo Off Course. It's always good to see that he's still very active in Japanese music today... I just recently watched a special of his from December 2003 entitled "Christmas no yakusoku", featuring a few interpretations of (then) current pop hits like "Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana" and "Morainaki"... and some great collaborations with artists like Yuzu (wrote a special song together called "Christmas no yakusoku"), Kazutoshi Sakurai of Mr. Children and (if I ID'ed him correctly) Kazuo Zaitsu of the Off Course comtemporaries Tulip.

If you like his music and can find it, definitely check this special out!

Kazumasa Oda

Hi Stevie,
I have the video of which you speak but it appears to have been edited. Mine was missing the song "Bam, bam, bam" (which I have on a 45 rpm) and some other songs. I searched for an unedited version but couldn't find one. I really liked his duets with "Junko" and "Suzuki".
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