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Hiroto Uehara

Castle Walker
9 Sep 2016
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Hiroto Uehara submitted a new Article:

Oda Castle

Oda Castle (小田城) is a Japanese flatland castle located in Ibaraki Prefecture. It faces the scenic Mount Tsukuba in the north.

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(The map is based on Google Earth. *All locations are based on my speculation, so they may not be correct.)

Since the Kamakura Period (1185-1333), members of the distinguished Oda clan had been the successive lords of the castle. During the period of the Northern and Southern Courts in 14th century, the Oda supported the Southern Court. The famous court noble Kitabatake Chikafusa (北畠親房, 1293-1354), a senior advisor to the Southern Court, once stayed at the castle, where he wrote parts of the Jinnō Shōtōki (神皇正統記, Chronicles of the Authentic Lineages of the Divine Emperors). Oda Ujiharu (小田氏治, 1534–1602) was the warlord ruling Hitachi province (常陸国,...

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