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October Poll Results

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14 Mar 2002
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The results of our October poll with the topic "Whaling is an old Japanese tradition and should therefore not be banned" are listed below:

Disagree 33,3% (11 votes) 
Strongly disagree 30,3% (10 votes) 
Agree 15,1% (5 votes) 
Strongly agree 12,1% (4 votes) 
Doesn't matter 9% (3 votes) 
Total Votes 33 votes

By comparison, here are ]Japan Today's poll results from April/May 2001:

Japan's whaling lobby continues to push for the right to hunt and eat whale. What are your thoughts on the subject?

"Whales are endangered. Japan is killing 
unnecessarilylarge numbers of 
whales for "research"  41,7,3% (402 votes) 

"Whales are our friends. Leave them alone!" 38,4% (370 votes) 

"Japan is actively working with the world 
community to find a way to continue its traditional 
practices in harmony with the
needs of the whale population" 11,9% (115 votes) 

"Whale is a traditional and acceptable part 
of the Japanese diet." 8,0% (77 votes) 

Total Votes 964 votes
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