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Ochanomizu students..?


31 Jan 2003
Do you are anyone you know attend Ochanomizu Senior High School and will be attending again in 2003?

I will be a student there starting in April. I thought I might try to make a friend before I get to Japan. If you would like be friends I'd be happy to hear from you.

Hajimemashite 🙂

I know nobody who is a HS student, let alone going to that High School.....good luck finding friends, but that shouldn't be hard...
The once and only time I was in Ochanomizu was during a get together with some manga artist group.....they were cool guys, if a bit on the otaku side, however....I know at least one of them went off to become a professional manga artist, but unfortunately I've lost contact with him....who knows? maybe he still lurks in one of those coffee shops in and around that area.... :D
but that was over a decade ago, so.... :eek::D
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