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9 May 2003
Is it true o-bon is celebrated in Tokyo in the mid-July, not in the mid-August (as it is in the country)? I am planning a trip to Tokyo, and would like to see the celebration, so I just would like to be sure...
Thanks for your help!
Ja mata ne! Irena ;)
I've once celebrated obon with my in-laws and still remember that it took place in August.


July 15 (Lunar calendar), or August 15 (Solar calendar) is celebrated in Japan as "Bon" or Urabon, The Feast of Lanterns, especially by the Japanese Buddhists. It is said that during the year, on this day only, the iron pot in hell is opened for the deceased. Buddhist services are held at temples and private houses for ancestors, relatives and friends who died in the past, and particularly for those who passed away during the past year.

=> http://mothra.rerf.or.jp/ENG/Hiroshima/Festivals/50.html

Japanese National Holidays 2003

=> http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~tc9w-ball/useful/holiday.htm

Aug 13-15 (Tuesday-Thursday) Obon (always Aug 13-15)
Not a national holiday, but this is the period (Festival of Souls) when Japanese traditionally visit the graves of their ancestors. Most people will take a few days off from work around this time.

One of my smart reference books says on obon:

Annual buddhist festival that takes place during three days, from July 13 - 15...

I assume that the solar calendar applies. ;)
domo arigato gozaimasu!
Mina-san, do you know any temple in Tokyo, where O-bon is going to be celebrated on July 13th-15th?
;) 🙂
Thank you, Kakuzen-san! 🙂
Most of the links on the page are unfortunately unactive, but I found a lot of interesting information!
Still, if anyone stays in Tokyo, please let me know what do you know about the time of the celebration.
Well I`ve always celebrated Obon in August, but my family has just informed me that Tokyo does celebrate early, sometime in July. One tip though.. Obon time is the worst time to travel in Japan. Flights coming from the States, densha (train), and shinkansen (bullet trains), are busier this time of the year than all holiday seasons put together. So, my advice would be to go at least 5days to a week prior to the celebration. (It`ll also give you time to buy a Yukatta ((summer kimono))
Mina-san! Domo arigato gozaimasu.
I already had to postpone my trip (until the END of July) so it looks I will not see o-bon in Tokyo... and will be rushing in an opposite direction flying BACK to Europe in the mid-August ;)
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