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Numbers being 'kanji'


3 Dec 2002
My little brother walked past my door this morning and I noticed that he had a tattoo on his chest with Japanese numbers. I told him to hold still and checked them out. It was "27," which is supposedly his lucky number.

Anyway, he was told and now believes that it's written in "Japanese Kanji." Now, I've only been studying Japanese for a week or so, but I couldn't help but jump on him for referring to the numbers as being Kanji. I pointed out a few texts that state what Kanji is and he just got upset and left the house. Lol. I can't see why you'd get a tattoo of something you don't fully understand...

Just thought I'd pass this on for your enjoyment... maybe someone will get a laugh out of this. Has anyone else had to explain this to someone before?
I'm not sure if you're trying to give me something to show him or if you think I was incorrect. I assure you, the characters that were used were basic Japanese cardinal numbers, not Kanji.

But I'll have to show him this... maybe it will help him understand better (He seemed somewhat peeved and frustrated about it. I wonder why!). Thanks for the link!

Btw, thomas, is there a good Japanese font for Windows that you would recommend?
I really should take more time to read posts, shooting too fast is one of my bad habits. :oops:

As for Japanese fonts: we have collected a few sets right here, basically hiragana and katakana. The only kanji set is a bit awkward to use, it's actually Chinese. I am planning to update the download section before christmas, I'll soon upload more TTF sets.
Heh. Don't worry about it. I posted it partially expecting someone to correct me in some fashion, anyway. Thanks again. :D
Yeah, you should be careful with those kanji tattoos. I've herd many stories with the wrong kanji printer on them to what they were told. For example a friends of a friend of mine was told a kanji that is going to be printed on her I forgotten what she was told, but the actual kanji was "warehouse" ( I think it was"蔵" "くら"). So I warn everyone reading this that they should be aware 100% of the kanji they are being tattooed on them. Unless you want the word warehouse written on you.
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