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NU Metal, Metalcore bands from japan...


2 Nov 2003
hey can anyone give me some information about bands in japan that plays NU Metal songs or should i say that they are in the line of Hardcore-Metal genre ... there's Jrock, Jpunk, Jgothic, but there's no Jcore! it would be really great if there's a counterpart of Slipknot in japan or maybe Hatebreed what do you guys think? :devilish:


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Well, you might want to listen to the new Dir en Grey album Vulgar. They've pretty much tapped into the nu metal scene with that.

But come to think of it. There aren't many nu metal bands in Japan. At least they haven't surfaced into the mainstream yet.

There's old-school metalbands all over the place in Japan. I haven't been following all of them so perhaps some of those are doing nu metal these days.
wow, i've check the guys - i didn't know they've changed their music now~ they're pretty good but not that loud and heavy enough man~ how i wish some band in japan would appear soon and plays Nu Metal genre or maybe Grind Core genre would be pretty great! hey man, i've been thinking... do the japanese dislike Hardcore music?? i find it confusing cos many bands from U.S. (Slipknot, Earth Crisis, Hate Breed, Chimaira, etc.. ) tour in japan.. i wonder if whether or not they adapt those guy's skills or maybe even the type of music they like... hmn... strange~
Those bands are probably out there. The underground scene is very large in Japan. It's just a matter of time before the music-industry notices the ones that are matching up to their American colleagues.

Japanese don't dislike hardcore. I think the best noisecore bands are currently coming from Japan. You might like The Mad Capsule Markets. They're not doing Nu Metal, they're up there when it comes to hardcore.
Also check out the thread on this forum about Melt Banana.
ah melt banana... i've heard them~ yeah... their music has alot of noise.. but no groove~ no resemblance to metal at all.. their music is much like hardcore punk plus the noise and the humor.. yeah that might be it.. hmn... mad capsule markets... never heard of them.. are u really sure they're hardcore?? hardcore genre's best example is Hatebreed... they're pioneers of hardcore just like the rest of the victory record bands.. it would be nice if they sounded like them~ hmn.. better check em out..
shatsuharu, I hear you on how the metal of Japan doesnt seem heavy enough.

And if it if heavy enough, it lacks that groove aspect that makes good metal unique and...well...good.

Hey Gaki, since when were Defiled Japanese?

And do you like Dimmu Borgir?
Originally posted by Winter

Hey Gaki, since when were Defiled Japanese?

And do you like Dimmu Borgir?

Since they were Japanese ?


Hailing from the land of "The Rising Sun" Tokyo's Defiled was birthed in 1992.


I've heard of Dimmu Borgir but i'm not familiar with his work, I only started to listen to Extreme Metal recently.
I'll check them / him out tho.

yeah i know defiled, they're also one of those good death metal bands out there who are japanese.. i also like Blood Stained Child.. their kinda like in the black metal genre, im not sure.. but they're still not heavy enough, i find them also funny.. cos of they way the singer screech and his grammar and also their music lacks something... oh yeah, please do check out MORTALGAZE! i didn't expect that there's a really cool japanese goregrind band... way too cool~ too evil~ maybe someday when i get to japan i will form a metalcore band there~ i have myself a band here in the phils. but the metal scene here is way too active for you to get notice nowadays~ so i guess bringing all our demos in japan wouldn't be bad~ heheh.. i hope someday we'll become one of the pioneers of metalcore in japan~
I didnt know Defiled were Japanese.

Dimmu Borgir are the PREMIER black metal satanic sympho band from Norway. My favorite band of current times.

Definately check them out.
Mad Capsule Markets ROCK! They have some hardcore influences but not all of their music is hardcore I'd say. There're some electronic sounds in there too, plus the odd really catchy number thrown in for good measure. I'd like to find more of the same if I could.....
Originally posted by Winter

Dimmu Borgir are the PREMIER black metal satanic sympho band from Norway. My favorite band of current times.

Definately check them out.

Had a bit of a listen to them, not bad.
yeah i have a band @ winter.. but our music is not into black metal.. more like in the grindcore genre.. i wonder if bands like us would fit in japan.. i mean, do half of the japanese really like new school metal? cos if they don't, i think we won't be able to be recognized all over japan~ and that's really frustrating, lols!
mad capsule markets are NOT hardcore and have nothing to do with the hardcore scene in japan,then again you folks think testosterone filled macho garbage like HATEBREED is hardcore so .....
There is plenty of killer japanese style metal out there lurking in the underground.
Bands like GISM/GHOUL/GASTUNK etc were mixing hardcore with metal to produce some of the most intense music ever created,as far back as 1983.
And if you must listen to barrel-chested chugga chugga macho-core you'll be happy to discover japan has buckets of those kind of bands too ..AT ONE STROKE,there's a good starting point
to be or not be hardcore

dude i would like to ask you... what is your definition of "hardcore genre"?? i didn't know some of the bands you listed but one thing's for sure - HELLCHILD isn't hardcore as well as GISM... hellchild is death metal while gism is speed metal punk...

from what i've know, hardcore is based from punk music, but that doesn't mean that hardcore will sound like punk also.. drum beats are the same 1-2, not "blast beat". the vocals are heavy - "growl" not scream. and the riffs are also heavy in "downstroke" not grind. so i think you've made a wrong classification ... try listening to earth crisis, buried alive, hoods, snap case - now these are what hardcore really sounded like. hatebreed was just an example cos they're most likely to be known all across europe and asia...

anyway, im grateful to you that you have mentioned Hell Child, an addition to my list of good japanese Death Metal bands...


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There are so many subdivisions/sub-genres/labels etc around these days it's ridiculous.
You say that EARTH CRISIS/HOODS etc are hardcore and yes,it's true they play a kind of music that has been labelled as hardcore but for me those bands have nothing to do with hardcore and punk.Your posting of the VICTORY records logo was the icing on the cake.
The bands i mentioned all incorporate metal into their sound to varying degrees.GISM were GISM.They are unclassifiable.They were one of the true originals.NO ONE was playing what they were playing back in 1984.
POISON IDEA/BATTALION OF SAINTS/JERRY"S KIDS...there's some hardcore bands.
As for japanese bands the list is a mile long,mostly anything put out by HG FACT or BLOODSUCKER RECORDS for a start.
Anyway,probably we'll just have to agree to differ eh?


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When you start talking to people in Holland about hardcore, the first thing they bring up is hardcore housemusic.

As far as i'm concerned anything louder then mainstream can be called hardcore...
Or at least anything that doesn't sound like it's produced is hardcore...
ah~ i see.. i somehow get what are you trying to tell me.. you're reffering to old-school hardcore right? nah, i'm not into it man.. i'd rather prefer the new school or those who are in the "sub-genres".. the music are much easy to dig in and there's groove in it. so i think we both have different tastes.. and those new school hardcore bands are what i am referring to when i first started the thread, sorry if you didn't knew man.
Crossbreed? never heard of them. are they japanese/japanese band? what type of music do they play?
Crossbreed are north american I presume. Honestly, they arent my type of genre, but my friend a few years back, pushed me to listen to them, and they really grew on me.

They're somewhat electronic, hardcore type stuff.
has nobody honestly mention Maximum the Hormone yet?!?!
chck them out! they switch genres liek 5 times in one song but the overlying theme is nu metal. check this out
btw that isnt the band at the beginning, you see them later in the vid
Maximum The Hormone are Nu-Metal in Japan. Um...Try Pay Money to My Pain, RIZE, FACT are all amazing.
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