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NTT DoCoMo Phones Might be coming to US... in Future


22 Jul 2009
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If anyone was at Otakon (yes the anime convention this year) NTT DoCoMo USA was there running surveys to see whether or not there is a market for Japanese phones to be brought over to the USA (Fully unlocked) and sold as it with no contract to people. They won't be offering any actual plans since they don't have the infrastructure (Blame Cingular for winning the bid on AT&T in the past)

But currently if they did do that they admit the phone will only be a useful for the most basic of usage such as calling people, taking photos with 12 Megapixel camera and whatever else the phone has. BUT the catch is you won't be able to use any data plan or anything such as 3G because of incapatiable network. But NTT DoCoMo is considering bring these phones over... they may cost 500+ USD or so... but if there is strong support they will probably do it. What I think will happen after they analyze the survey is that there is a lot of people who wants Japanese phones... but REALLY wants them to figure a way to make the phones USA 3G capable.

I don't know you should contact for more information or where to voice your support to them offically, but all i can say is there is DoCoMo is trying their best to break the US market. :D

Dogen Z

23 Apr 2007
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It might be that Docomo is looking at ways to ramp up demand for its new 4G system. It wants to make a smooth transition from 3G to 4G, so it'll start with its so-called 3.9G system that can use existing infrastructure. With 3.9G, you download data on a mobile at fiber-optic speed. I think Docomo is looking for ways to use that capability as well as expand its market outside of Japan.
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