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10 Mar 2003
I logged in here as a new member last spring, in march as I recall.
Now I just checked my e-mails,and suddenly there was a message telling me that I have a new private message waiting for me in the J-forum...uu,that's nice 😄
Okay, so I logged in to J-forum, and checked the private messages.The only message that's in there, is the "welcome to.." message that I've allready read, and that I got allready 3 months ago, so there actually was not any new messages. Quite dissapointing...
I just thought of letting you guys know about this, because if it happens to many other people too,j-forum will collect a number of disapointed and frustrated people... and if there are some technical reasons for this("extra" e-mails making empty promises) to happen.
For me,it's not that big of an issue, but... :)
I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I'll further investigate. Thanks for letting us know.

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