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now I have submitted data re JBanner, & what's next?


10 Oct 2003
Hi Support Team,

I have just submitted data & graphics for the JBanner online registration & received this message : "Your data has been saved" FYI, my URL is http://www.jp-ap.com.hk

I am not sure what to do next to have this exchange working. Will I receive email? When will I see the banner showing on your site?

I'm gonna be bold and speak in Thomas' place... :)

There's a link on the JBanner site that says "Get HTML Code" (on the new site it's in the dropdown list). You need to paste that code into your website where you want the JBanner displayed. After that everything works automatically. Only Thomas needs to activate your account before your banner will be displayed in the JBanner, but you can collect hits before it becomes activated.
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