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NOVA & Laundry questions...


25 Aug 2003
these 2 questions are very specific, unlikely to be answered questions.. but just in case...
does anyone know if a midi of the NOVA usagi ads jingle exists?...
ya know, the Ippai ki ke te... thing?... with the Mukiiiii! at the end
or a wav file or anything?...
I would *really* appreciate that!!!
Also... does anyone happen to know what it says on the Laundry Girl t-shirt? (designed by Pansonworks)...
I have the Laundry Boy t-shirt &... I'm just curious!
i don't know

but if going to japan, polyester blends/quick-drying fabrics are a traveler's best friend
that is my opinion
Words cannot express how happy this has made me!!!...
I don't know how to do a happy crying smiley...
but *domo arigato* from the bottom of my heart!!!
😄 😄 😄
jeez you'd think it would be to their benefit if they said the phone numbers slow enough so people could remember them

anybody translate the commercials? the storyline parts with the little pink guy were subtitled but apparently not the advertisement part
the little pink guy is an usagi (rabbit).
the storyline is just a bunch of nonsensical cute advertisement to attract wannabe english students (mostly female) with a non-threatening character that gets into ridiculous scenarios....even translated, it really wouldn't make much sense...even if you did live in japan.... :eek:

ok....some of them might make sense...but not by much..... :D
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