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Not a J-car but...


13 Aug 2003
Wow, my dad just told me that my moms 1987 Honda Accord is .. well in my possesion now. Yay! I know its kinda old and not fast like you guys have but im 14 and sh*t any cars good for me hahahaha sux about it is that therse not many miles left LOL.
i have a few questions about it though like... you see therse a problem with it when u get it in it, like its squeaky like when u drive it its VERY squeaky and i wanna get it fixed, and how much would it cost to fix it?
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Your question is very vague i'm afraid. Could be any number of routine maintenance problems considering how old the car is (i'm assuming it has well over 100K mileage?) Your best bet would be to take it to your local garage and have a mechanic check it out as the problem could be the result of any number of things (most likely minor). Re: potential cost, that entirely depends on what the nature of the problem is.
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