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North Korea takes aim at 007


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14 Mar 2002
One more Asia-related "entertainment" news: 007 tortured by North Korean agents, NK sick of being the bad guy.

North Korea takes aim at Bond


DA*M YOU BUSH NOW WE ALL ARE GOIN TO DIE. FIRST TALIBAN, THEN PAKASAN, THEN IRAQ, NOW NORTH KOREA. EVERYBODY FLEE THE COUNTRY WE ALL ARE GOING TO DIE ^_^" J/K or am i? But people need to find other ways of doing stuff that wil not cause a other country to kill us. WWIII a comin.
There needed to be a "bad one", which is not a good idea (anymore ?) as it is bound to raise conflicts in an international blockbuster. That would have been too obvious an a bit warmed up with Irak, so they chose NK. As Russia or China cannot be the scape goats anymore, Korea takes the turn. It should almost be seen as an honour, as the small NK know become a world-class rival for the US, after its 2 neighbouring (ex-)communist giants.

Don't get me wrong, I don't praise this kind of initiative. NK overreacted as usual, but legitimately, I think. I am not sure that showing a farmer tilling a field with a cow, is far from the reality though.

Anyway, aren't James Bond films British rather than American ?
Yep, Tony is very obedient. Not all British are happy with this.

Actually, it is very difficult to find bad boys. 007 battled all of them: Russians, Chinese, nearly all other former communist countries, evil billionaires, terrorists, drug cartels. Hm, how about aliens?
Nah, the film makers are just building up to the ultimate bad guys - an army of angry postal workers. The end of Bond. . .
Why dont they use the Taliban or Usama Bin Laden as a baddy in a bond movie. They never used them or we can do Iraq.

And with aliens that kills the partial realism of 007
Hm, angry postal workers.... I'd join that army, lol.

Aliens: just a joke.

Osama or Iraq: depicting Islam-related persons or countries as evil is quite inappropriate, even if it's just 007. That applies to all religions IMHO.
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