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North Korea beats Japan in WC qualifier


5 Feb 2005
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Had to work, so I couldn't watch the game. Is there anyone who actually watched it?

and does anyone knows what happened to Honda nowadays? I don't see him play very often ?

[h=1]North Korea beats Japan in WC qualifier[/h][h=3]PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA (AP)[/h]Pak Nam Chol scored a second-half goal as North Korea beat Japan 1-0 in a 2014 World Cup qualifier Tuesday that was more about politics than football.
Playing before a capacity crowd at Kim Il Sung Stadium, Pak gave North Korea a 1-0 lead in the 50th minute with an angled header beyond the reach of Japan goalkeeper Shusaku Nishikawa.
The match had no bearing on the outcome of the group - Japan has already qualified for the next stage while North Korea can not make it - but there is always tension in this fixture between two nations that do not have diplomatic ties. This was the first time the Japanese men's team had played on North Korean soil since 1989.
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It's a pity the way Japan was received by the N-koreans, being booed while the Japanese anthem was on and they had to wait 4 hours at the airport when their luggage was being checked.

anthem booed at football match in N. Korea

[h=2]No Cheering Allowed for Japanese at North Korean Soccer Showdown[/h][h=2]Soccer: Lee braces for emotional 'return' as Japan ride into N. Korea[/h][h=2]Japan heads to North Korea for 1st time in 22 years; fans warned to leave ...[/h]


23 Jan 2007
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Honda got injured in a match while playing for his team in Russia. (knee) He is rehabbing now and should be back into action soon. There was a program on NHK the other night about him.
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