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20 Jul 2003
for some reason,I think quite many of the native english speakers in North American seems to have very low acceptance towards music of other languages,
except for Spanish.

for example,Japanese would listen to Western music,
Chinese would listen to Japanese and Korean,Western music
but how many Western people would listen to Asian music?

you could say that those music are not exposed in the North American tv,radio,magazines,but there is a thing called the internet,you just need to search, and use the p2p softwares to download the songs and you could even order the CDs online

there are very few Asian singers/musicians we see here on music channels, like the Chinese-American rapper Jin , who recently had his music video 'Learn Chinese' shown on tv.
I've heard some tv channel in California showed a concert of Japanese rock band B'z

also I think the North American mainstream music is like...the songs are pretty similar,especially the pop songs...,
I think for the Asians musicians to break into the North American music market will be a good thing,maybe it could help to change the situation,
because I feel that same styles of music from different countries sound different..for example,American pop sound different than Japanese pop

however,it would be a big challenge for those musicians who aren't native English speakers
and it is risky,no matter how popular they are in their homelands

we all want to hear good music,don't we?

I started listen to Japanese music when I was very little,and I like listening to music of different languages even I don't understand the lyrics

R&B singer Utada Hikaru plans to release her US debut CD this year,
and the Japanese rock kings B'z might plan to release a full english US debut CD soon

thanks for reading my poorly written stuff.
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