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Noriko Shiina


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6 Oct 2003
I was wondering if anyone else here was a fan of, or even sort of liked noriko shiina? I really like her even though she only put out one album =| if anywone has noriko shiina info please let me know!! ^-^;
some of u,knows a good page of she??or where could i download her music??..i just tried with kazaa but...nothing happend,and i realy would like to know more of she...

At last I made installation of the WinMX
Searching not so difficult - it is necessary to enter for query hieroglyphs only
( that look as this ~H|)[l]\@]"'}< , not as ??????? )
However the most difficult is appeared to donwnload these songs to HDD
I could receive the Ookina (5th Single) mp3
Now I waiting for Aozora dake ga sora janai - mpeg klip ( 53Mb); :D
the half of day has ended, my RQ has decreased from 86 to 41 :(
Today I could do it! 😍
2 days ago the source of a file has disappeared when QR was already 3!
Yesterday I can download only 3mb at speed of 0.5-2k only
Now speed was 8-13k, and it was required to me about 1:20 to receive all clip


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