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Norika Fujiwara


27 May 2002
Does anyone know if Norika Fujiwara have any websites?? She is by far my most favorite Japanese Actress. It is unusual not to see her on any soaps or ads (like J-Phone), since I've moved back to the states in the last year.....

Thanks in advance...

😊 hehe smiley looks like it's whistling

There have to be quite a few, but I wonder if there are any in English.
She was extremely popular up to this year, sort of ... feel a few notches in ranking.

lol ... hope thomas finds a great link for us.

I actually prefer Mipporin though 👏
I actually have a website for her. From memory, it's her official website. It's in both Japanese and English (Norika-style:) ), so very nice for all of us who are 'studying' while on the net. She does these cute diaries in English and Japanese, as well as Korean if you're multi-inclined as I am. I would just like to have it on the record that that is, of course, the reason I have this link...😊


Have Fun:clap:
Thanks to all, I checked out her website and was in pure "heaven"!! I guess I may have a chance with her, it says in her bio she has an interest in English ;-)

She definitely was the toast of the town when I lived in Japan previously...sorry to hear she's slipping a little from the limelight...

That's showbiz!

Thanks a bunch

If you're a fan of Norika, I suggest catching her performance in HK movie "China Strike Force." Although not a great movie, she's positively radiant in it (especially in the bathtub scene. Say no more :))

She's alright, but holds no flame to my favourite: Kumiko Aso. *sighs*
Norika has a new camera (??? .... lol shows what I was paying attention too) where she dances .... ahem ... pretty interesting since it seems to be a slight image change ....

Like TomAsInfinity I too wasn't a big fan but this last commerical ... err ;)
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