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NORAKURO Manga Collection on eBay

24 Apr 2003
Hi friends,

Is anybody in the United States interested in Norakuro manga? I placed my old Norakuro Manga Collection (published in 1967) on eBay for sale. Please take a peek if you are interested to have it.

Norakuro is an old Japanese manga in 1930's. The author, Suiho Tagawa is one of pioneer cartoonists in Japan. The series ran from 1931 to 1939 in a Children's comic magazine, Shonen Kurabu. The story is about a goofy but brave black dog, Norakuro and his adventure in Japanese military. This comic reflects children's view of Japanese soldiers (or what adults wanted them to view) of that old age.

eBay Sale Item #2170949248 (Bid ends 9:53 am PDT April 28, 2003)

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