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Non profit learn japanese site


29 Oct 2003

this site is a non profit community dedicated to language exchange and learning online.

It allows you to find the right partner to practice a foreign language. The person you will find want to learn the language you can teach
and want to teach the language you are learning. The aim of that organization is to develop language skills.You can add your own translations to the site so more people from different languages can access to it.


Cool site,
They need some advertising. With enough of it, they could blow up big time. Everyone go check it out!!
Originally posted by Yoshihara
Cool site,
They need some advertising. With enough of it, they could blow up big time. Everyone go check it out!!

What about my site? I teach you how to tell the bartenders to add more vodka to your screwdrivers so you get two shots for the price of one, I mean how helpful is that? Come on..


Well now Josh, let's not break our arm patting ourselves on the back now...just kidding. Your site is excellent in different ways than most. You give us an alternative, real life look at your experiences. Not many sites can do that.

actually, I am the site webmaster, as you could guess
but I am having a hard time advertizing it !
any advice ?

see you

Why must I enable cookies just to view your front page? :(

Anyway, I've submitted it to the English tree at dmoz.org. That will help if it is accepted.


You are the man! I think you have earned the website of the month! How could I have ever overlooked it?

Boku wa sex to iumono o tsukutta hito ni kansha shitai! :D :D :D
Thanks mdchachi !!!
Polyglot is already listed in the dmoz but not in the english section I guess !!
If I put a warning in the front page for enabling cookies it's just to tell visitors if they want to use the site they have to do so
but that's a good idea, I might as well wait they try to register to tell them "you must enable cookies".

You have earned the website of the month !? for which site ??
thank you all

Originally posted by vscheideck
is the Japanese translation of the site correct ??
a member makes it...

Thanks for checking !!

Translation from what? I think maybe there are a couple of errors in the Japanese, but then, of course, there is in English as well...
Hey thanks Vince! this site is good... although how come my Java is in Japanese... also for Flash... lol anyway thanks its a really good site, thanks to it, i met a 19/f/Osaka, Japan. She's teaching me Kansai dialect hehe.. plus wouldn't it be weird if a gaijin started speaking to you in osaka-ben? lol... just a thought but i'm theres a lot of that going around!
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