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Nominate: The Worst anime ever


4 Mar 2004
the worst anime you've ever seen!

warn your fellow anime fanatics about the most horrid of all the caca you've sifted through in your hunt for the good stuff!

- mine -
Ayashi no Ceres...
ive heard the manga is good.. the anime is about crying.. they cry about EVERYTHING..
"oh noes! my puppy ran away" WAAAAAIL
"oh noes, we're out of carrots" WAAAAAAAAAAIL
"oh noes, i've found you again" WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL

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You guys are totally right. All three suck!

and that gundam souldrive...thats not anime..that an ABOMINATION to the gundam name and i love all gundam!
I'd have to say rayearth. I've seen season 1 and 2. The animation is fine, it's actually ok. But the whole story line. :eek: "we just have to believe girls!. Love can do anything!!"

*_* I'm down with rahXephon though. I' more of a action comedy...I dunno about that hardcore girl anime. Too much estrogen for me. :D and I'm a girl....:D:D:D:D
I have 3 I wanna nominate

2)Kokoro Library ~ I can't believe i wasted valuable time on this series
1)Poke'mon, cmon aren't you guys pissed u spent like $600.00 on this?
Aww, not a Kokoro Library fan. I'll be one of the rare few that appreciated the warmth of that series.

The worst anime...that would go to Shichinin no Nana. I couldn't even watch the first 5 minutes of the first episode.
1. Yu Gi OH ......i cannot stand that
2. Boogiepop phantom - it had the worst story line ever
someone shouldve warned me about kokoro library earlier.. that stuff was . ... not good >_> <_< >_<

sure.. it was all cosey and nice, but seriously.. how do you expect a series about a library (not an exciting topic as it is) where NOBODY GOES to have an exciting storyline?..
i would have to say gravitation i hate that show bunch of gay ppl

sangolover, I don't want to start an arguement, and I know this thread is old, but what the hell is wrong with gay people? That could be offensive to people on this forum; it offends me - and I'm not gay. I support them, and I don't think that's something you should say in a public forum. Er. Thank you?

Digimon.......really dissapointed after the first verson~~
Sakura War also...don't know why......
Em.....thats all~
why ayashi no ceres? T___T it's so cute... I mean the drawing style and all...

Digimon, I suppose... I mostly don't like those wwith robots... oh yeah, Metropolice was so bad... (3 hours long!)
Kokoro Library was alright, I mean im just not a fan that appreciates stuff like that, im more of a hilarity kind of person, although the anime has its strong points, like even the pokemon fad had some like that "lets all be friends" thing haha

Oh, God, the agony :eek:

Demon City Shinjuku was pretty bad too. The dubbing didn't help either. :eek:
Personally, I don't get why everyone and their grandmother considers Giant Robo an anime masterpiece. Everything about it felt so clichテゥd and while the animation certainly wasn't bad, the character designs were simply too old-school for me. Even Robo himself looks like some kind of bloated sphinx and all he obviously can do is punch stuff and break. Amazing! Besides, Kusama Daisaku is probably the most annoying anime character I've ever seen.
How about Earth Maiden Arjuna. The show was so overly damned preachy about the perils to the environment, it became annoying. Don't get me wrong, I do what I can for the environment, but that show just went overboard in that regard.
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