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Noda Family in or near Nagoya and or Ichinomiya


26 Sep 2003
Some where in Japan I have family that I have never met and whom probably don't even know I exist. Great Aunts and Uncles and cousins.

My grandmother Sumiko Noda was from Ichinomiya, she survived bombings of her village and hid in the fields with younger siblings for days. During the Korean War she met my grandfather an united states airforce airman who was stationed in Japan. They married and she moved to Cincinnati Ohio, USA.

All I know is contact between her and her family stoped when her mother died. Her siblings did not tell her of her mothers death. For several months she wrote letters to her mother and never received a responce, finnaly some wrote to her several months after the death and told her. She never spoke to any of her siblings again.

She is very reluctant to speak about them, and far to sruborn to establisg a renewed contact. I hope that somehow I can find some memeber of my family who is willing to look past whatever problems our elders had.

I do think that she mentioned that one of her brothers wifes may have been a school principal, not sure though.
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