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News No cheesy news: Japan-EU FTA

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14 Mar 2002
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Exciting news for cheese and wine lovers: after four years of negotiations Japan and the EU have finally concluded a free trade agreement. Gourmets will have to be patient though: the low-tariff quota on European cheese will be eliminated over the next 15 years...

Japan and EU seal FTA after four years of talks | The Japan Times

Japanese automobile and electronics manufacturers are expected to regain competitiveness in the European market in competition with rivals from South Korea, which has already signed a free trade pact with the bloc, while European farmers are seeking to tap deeper into the Japanese market for wine, cheese and meat. Local dairy producers have been wary about the influx of competitive European products and the government is expected to compile measures to mitigate the negative impact on them from the pact. [..]

Among key areas the two sides settled on, Japan will set up a low-tariff quota on European cheese that will be eliminated over 15 years, a source close to the matter said. The two sides will also scrap their tariffs on wine as soon as the pact comes into force, while duties on European chocolates and pasta will be scrapped in 10 years, the source said. The bloc will ease regulations on wine such as on sugar content and bottle size and also agreed to immediate cuts on tariffs on Japanese sake and green tea.

In the automobiles sector, the two sides have agreed to phase out tariffs on Japanese automobiles after seven years and on Japanese TVs after five years. The bloc will also immediately get rid of tariffs on Japanese electronics, the source said.

The EU Japan Free Trade Agreement | All media content | DW | 06.07.2017

http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/docs/2017/july/tradoc_155684.PDF (PDF)
4 Apr 2014
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So long to domestic wine-makers from Yamanashi and their aspirations.
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