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Nitrilicit Looking for Band Members


24 Mar 2004
Nitrilicit: Visual Kei/JRock/JPunk Style band

We are looking for a Guitarist, Bassist and Keyboardist
Ages 16-23
We are located in georgia and florida U.S.A. as of now and plan to move to california in 2005.
We're looking for serious band members that are willing to wear vibrant clothing and make up, and move wherever the band moves to.

Our influences are: X Japan, Spread Beaver, Zilch, Dir en grey, Luna Sea and others

For more information.
please contact Hideko at [email protected]

Website is: www.Nitrilicit.cjb.net
I remember you from Batsu forum.

Remember me? My bands name was Kigatsu. We are reformatting it.

Good luck on your search.
i dont understand? :?
you are japanese? forming jrock band? no~huh? is it really ok for americans to start a visual kei/jrock band? i always thought that would be fun to dress up like that and sing in japanese.i like it better than english,but i didnt think americans could do it??? please tell me what you mean? maybe i can start one in the future...but sorry,im only 15,and i am not a skilled guitarist yet. i practice hard to be as good as Kaoru,but i have to work harder. 👍
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