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Nippon sandai chinmi

taco & ika

The taco-yaki I had while in Japan was enough to make me want to yack, but taco-poke is quite delicious and I eat a lot of it when I am in Hawaii. I also love deep fried ika whenever I can find it.
One of our many national dishes is Squid salad.


I haven't had many experiences with Japanese food but what I have tried, I enjoyed it. Well... except the part of trying wasabi for the first time. I exagerated on the dosage.

You should go to China. They make Japanese look tame.

My friend once told me that the Chinese have a saying:

"The only thing with four legs that we don't eat, is a desk...
The only thing with two legs that we don't eat is our parents"
Hehe, difficult to compare the two, they are further apart than apples and bananas! :)

I also adore Italian kitchen which is much more than just the stereotypical pizza, lasagna or pasta.
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