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Nike dunk lows

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Nice shoes but i'd rather spend the 300 bucks on my car than on a pair of sneaks 8-p Nice to see a fellow car enthusiast btw. Welcome aboard.
yeah....thanks......i have an r32.. gts drifting alot these days.......you have a supra? You have seen the nike dunk low supremes? its white and black.. its nice i am planning to get the "splatter" ones with the red nike sign.^_^
Very nice. I see you're from Tokyo. I've always wanted to get into the whole zero-yon/wangan/hashiriya scene, unfortunately Sapporo doesn't have as nearly a nice central circular route as the Tokyo metropolitan highway system. And besides, the few occasions I did go to Tokyo it was always work related so I ended up flying out from Chitose to Haneda or just took a Shinkasen 8-( Never really got into the whole touge/gripping/drifting scene although i've seen it firsthand-very cool.

Yeah, i'm not so sure I like the elephant hide print (borrowed from the AJ III) on the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB but it doesn't look bad. Your choice of red over blue though is cool, although if I were to get some i'd probably go black just to hide the eventual scuff marks 8-p
I used to be. Lived there for a couple years but i'm back in the U.S. atm only until I finish grad school this December. I also learned it was always better to either order from Nike directly or buy from outside of Japan as the exorbitant Japanese prices were a little too much for me lol. But hey, if you can afford it-more power to ya I say :cool:
where in the u.s are you from? my uncle and aunt lives in california in los angeles. i lived there for a year and came back
Check my profile, or better yet my member intro post in the Member's section-it's all in there. But to make a long story short, I was born in Saigon, Vietnam (i'm half-Vietnamese) and have lived in Orange County, CA (before it was broke 8-p), St. Louis, MO, and Hollywood, FL just north of Miami to name a few. Currently in cold, dreary, and damp Grand Rapids, MI atm but at least it's finally starting to feel like Spring around here so it's not that bad heh.
wow you have moved alot. so you are half japanese and half vietnamese?? ......so what brand of car do you have?
LOL, no-i'm actually half-Vietnamese and half-Irish so there's no Japanese blood in me although at times I feel more Japanese than many of my Japanese-American friends 8-p Re: my ride it's a '97 Supra RZ TT (twin-turbo) 6-speed (gotta love that 2JZ-GTE engine) which was new at the time I bought it and since then i've put probably ten grand under the hood not to mention spending another five for a VeilSide aero-fashioned body kit to customize it further. Considering the car's overall rarity, I got pretty lucky although it wasn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

Heh, i'll try and stay away from going into details for the benefit of our other members as we already have a J-car discussion under the Tech forum. At any rate, it's my baby and I love it. Any free time or extra disposable income I get I usually end up dumping into my car.

I'm also saving up for a Hayabusa although that's just an idea i've been toying around with since I can't really afford it atm and I have way too many other things to worry about (student loans, etc.).
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Good question, lol. Actually, I am a huge fan of basketball (currently coaching a girls team here actually, although our season was cut short in the first-round of the playoffs, bleh...) and I also get the Nike catalogs when the new editions come out.
So what about yourself? Japanese I assume? You should post an intro in our Member's section so everyone gets a better idea of who you are, where you come from, what you do, etc.
Heh, very few actually aside from a selct group of international students. There are currently over 300 Japanese companies though that have operations in Michigan atm although I would suspect that most of those are based in and around the automobile industry in some way, shape, or form. Detroit, Lansing, and a few other cities have a larger contingent of Japanese than here in Grand Rapids but I think GR has a lot more Vietnamese.
Nike Dunk High Premium Sz. 11.5 & 13

Hi there,

Anybody wants a brand new pair of Nike Dunk High Premium sizes 11.5 or 13?? I'm selling it for $150

Please message me or email me if you are interested.



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I am not really into the nike dunk high's...i much prefer the nike dunk lows.here are my shoes.I use these for skateboarding alot


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damn. $150? I'll just get like 3 or 4 pairs of all-stars then. damn yo, $150 and I could do up cams in my car.
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