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Nihongo Sho - Chukyu, Textbook


23 Jul 2004
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Is there someone in this forum who use this textbook? I think its the same as my sensei uses to give us homework and if it is the same its really good.I cant ask my sensei because she is at vacation 😋: ..Well if someone have this and have a scanner could you scan a page so I see if it is the same, if it is I'm going to order it 🙂: ...

Edit: I forgot to link to the homepage so here it is http://japanbookplaza.com.au/shop/p...go Sho - Chukyu/products_id/21626/language/en

japanbookplaza.com.au/shop/product_info.php/name/Nihongo Sho - Chukyu/products_id/21626/language/en
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