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6 Mar 2003
I'm sure you know that it has become difficult to post in Japanese or to read old Japanese posts since the forum changes. Just wondering what is the plan to fix this?

Normally posting in Japanese shouldn't be a problem anymore. やってみましょう。But many of the old post were written in another encoding, so I've have to convert everything post by post, but not too sure how to do it...

Hmmm it seems to be working now. It wasn't working for me earlier today, though. That was on a different computer, tho.
This is weird. I try to post this exact text in another forum and it drops characters. What the heck?!


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Maciamo said:
Normally posting in Japanese shouldn't be a problem anymore.

See the post I made in the 'Test' thread for technical details. あ, く, 腹, and one of the characters in 勉強 will be mangled by the forum code in the (default for the nihongo forums) shift-JIS encoding. That's a big improvement on JIS where entire threads could be killed, but still not really good.

In the (default for non-nihongo forums) iso-8859-1 encoding Windows / IME users appear to be generally OK. But other users (e.g. Macs) will get strings of ???? or other problems.

Changing encoding on a post-by-post basis is easy enough - if the original isn't completely mangled. There are various batch utilities for changing encoding for mass conversion.
Maciamo said:
And where can you get these batch ?

I found a few likely looking ones with a search like
this one but I've never tried any myself. 😌

I wouldn't worry too much - the old ones [except those mangled in JIS] can still be viewed if encoding is changed manually.
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