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Nihon Record Taisho nominations?


13 Jul 2002

Did anyone happen to see who received nominations for the Grand Prix award in this year's Nihon Record Taisho (Japan Record Awards)? I've been interested to see if a couple of this year's singles received consideration from JACOMPA for this award...

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

hope this helps:

[Gold Award]:
"Because of You" (w-inds)
"kioku" (Every Little Thing)
"takafune no yado" (Kawanaka Misachi)
"amairo no kami no otome" (Shimatani Hitomi)
"Voyage" (Hamasaki Ayumi)-->She won Gold two years in a row, last year with
the song "Dearest"
"jyoujin Takano" (Takawa Toshimi)?
"namida sousou" (Natsukawa Rimi)
"onna saka" (Harada Yuri)
"kiyoshi no zondoko-setsu" (Koorikawa Kiyoshi)
"Eternal Place" (hiro)
"Listen to My Heart" (BoA)
"satou kibi hatake" (Moriya Ryoko)

[New Artists Awar]
Shiina Sachiko, day after tomorrow, Nakajima Mika, Lead

[Best Album Award]
"hainumi kaze" (Hajime Chitose)

It helps a lot... even though the two songs I was rooting for aren't in there...


Thank you very much for your help!

I found that " Kiyoshi no Zundoko-setsu " is not correct, " Kiyoshi no Zundoko-Bushi " is correct, and also, his name is not " Koorikawa Kiyoshi " but " Hikawa Kiyoshi."
He is very popular Enka singer in Japan because he is young
and very cute!!
Isn't he the one who refers to himself as a "visual" Enka singer, comparing himself to the "visual-kei" rock groups? I want to make sure I'm remembering correctly as I know there are at least two major active Enka singers named Kiyoshi...

Thanks for the information!

I'm not sure if he calls himself "Visual". He might have gotten that name by the media and the fact that former Luna Sea vocalist Ryuichi Kawamura produced some of his songs is probably one of the reasons.

Yakko is right about the songtitle and matching artist though:
Kiyoshi no Zundoko-bushi Kiyoshi Hikawa 8cm CD
I understand... I can see why he might be dubbed that by the media. Certainly his performance at last year's Kohaku Utagassen differed markedly from the other male Enka artists... blue velvet top and pants with white fluffy/furry cuffs and a group of girls backing him in glittery hot pants! Not the same image that, say, Hiroshi Itsuki or Takashi Hosokawa presents... ^_^;;

Thanks again for all the info!
Hello again!
Twisted is right. He doesn't call himself " Visual " but media does.
He is loved most Japanese, not only young generation but also
old generation. ( because of his character and feature.)
I don't listen Enka music, but I like his songs.
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