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29 Aug 2003
Yeah, Japanese music is cool! Yeah!

Anyone like Brahman?

(Apart from Minimoni, they need to go to school!)

I like Yutaka Ozaki mostly. The James Dean of Rock.

I hate all that Morning Musume-type crap. In fact, most J-pop.

Still, Japan has a lot of really good rock/punk/metal bands.. I see a lot of bands live who haven't made the big time yet, pretty awesome.
ok give us some names of jrock groups. I pretty like Garnet Crown and one korean rock group named Loveholic. You got to hear them.
Anyways give us some names :) There is so much jpop on my hdd and i must say i don't like many of them but there are some nice songs

What I was in Nihon I was watching on TV this Morning Measure concert, and like their producer (young fool, former pop star, mummy's boy) appeared on this big screen and was "Hey, I'm well good! I keep destroying music, so don't worry!" then there were like 30 girls on this stage. Still, like soo, many, and most were out of time with the backing music.

My girlfriend and I were laughing away. Then we noticed a real beast of a girl in Moring Whatheycalled, she was like 10 years older than the rest, and she had a blonde perm.

I had warui yumi wo miteru, for a long time.

But Shina Ringo is well good. Sadly there is hardly any of her stuff to get off Lime Wire.

Brahman is like well good, super well good, and like I was lucky enough to meet them in England is cool.

Haha! I got sent a CD by a friend of Japanese military marching music, terrific fun!

When I was in Nagoya, at this gig, there was a local band. They were like a ska hardcore thing. They used loads of artificial beats and stuff like that, but so much more talents and skilled than the UK trash I have to see at gigs here. My mind was blown!

P.S Bush of Ghost. Japan's number one dub band!
Originally posted by Ninja Rock Star
Still, Japan has a lot of really good rock/punk/metal bands ...

Really? Can you name a few? I've been searching for some good Japanese bands in the style of music I like, and I can find very few. And the few I do find, I don't like very much.

Any recommendations?
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