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Nice to see such a forum


17 Dec 2003
Hi, I am Kamal, born in India and currently a US resident in Berkeley, California. I lived in Japan for 6 years - from 1989 to 1995 - working for Mitsubishi Electric (denki).

I am interested in knowing about the present conditions in Japan even though my suspicion is that nothing has changed since I left Japan 8 years ago. I am in touch with a few people in Japan but it is difficult to get the complete picture unless I visit Japan but such a forum like this, where lots of Japanese and non-Japanese can interact comes close to helping me in understanding the current Japan..

I will be most likely posing in the Hot Topics and similar forum.



PS I have two Japan-related sites. One Mitsubishi (Cars, TVs, Discrimination) Sucks has already been added under Business category of the directory and the second one Racial Discrimination: The Mitsubishi, Japan Case details my fight against workplace discrimination. These are in English but those who would like to read details in Japanese, Mitsubishi Media *********************************** towards the bottom of the page contains scanned images of text of my interview that was published in Hougaku Seminar. Read them if you are interested and if possible link to them from your websites if you want Japan to change. Enough of self-promotion. ;) Thanks.
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